Our own branding story

The idea of branding includes the use of colour as well as design. So, this website reflects the greens and white of our boat and ‘Gumnuts’ logo - refer to the top and bottom banners.
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Ships ‘Official’ stamp

Many places in the world want a formal looking ‘Ships Stamp’. Friends, Mike ’n Floss, on OOROO 1 (a Lagoon 450 now sailing in the Caribbean) put me onto this idea.

So, here is our design. It’s a standard rubber stamp on the end of a piece of wood. Works really well.
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Branded Name Cards

Here is a range of the Name Cards we’ve used from 2013 (right) 2014/5 (bottom) and 2016 (bottom right)
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Branded Polo Shirts

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We made one trial run of the shirt on the right (2015), but it didn’t look as good as we thought it would. My first design, on the left, is the one I think we’ll try next.

Ships Whisky - Make your own labels NOT the whisky!

Read the labels … it’s self explanatory how to ‘blend’ … the label above is simply printed and glued to an empty bottle.
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‘Stubby Holders’ (beer coolers) - how to make them

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Since I have a dedicated Man Fridge (full of beer) in the Man Cave it’s inevitable that the beer needs to be kept cool when being drunk in hot climes. So, here’s an idea I adapted from neoprene beer coolers I saw in the Margaret River, Australia. I like them since they stay flat when not in use.

Boat specific notepads

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It’s a notepad …

Easy to design …

Easy to get printed in Thailand.
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