If you're invited to come sailing …

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  • How to find us
  • Packing
  • What will it cost?
  • Boat RULES
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With modern technology it’s pretty easy to find out where we’ve been and where we are at any given point in time. You can even see our current boat speed! Below, you’ll find a map from MarineTraffic.com (you can also visit their website and search for Gumnuts)

Where we are (or should be) now …

    Read more at http://www.marinetraffic.com/en/p/embed-map#1UMk6LSbSLOJHiDu.99
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  • What to bring
  • What not to bring
  • What’s provided
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How and what should I pack?

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  • These are our preferred guidelines - Maximum 2 soft sided bags per person plus small carry on type bags. But hey, don’t worry if this causes you a problem if your visit to us is only part of a bigger trip. The main issue is the storage of HARD SHELL type cases once you unpack them
  • Try not to bring more than you need and clothing appropriate for the climate, lightweight and quick drying items are best
  • Wet weather gear? We’re mainly sailing in sunny climates and summer months, that means all you’ll need is a decent swimming costume!
  • IF you are joining us for any leg involving an overnight passage, bring something warm to wear while on watch at 2am.
  • Don’t stress … We carry spare sailing gear (jackets, pants etc) on board, but no promises on size, colour etc ...
  • We provide soap, shampoo and toilet roll :) ... Rest is up to you, you should bring your own personal toiletries
  • Bring white soled shoes especially for walking on deck (or go bare feet). This isn’t just a fancy sailing thing. It’s very practical:
    • Toes hurt when stubbed
    • Shoes grip the decks better when it’s wet
    • They reduce damage to the deck
    • Shoes worn ashore (including deck shoes) cannot not be worn back on board since they cause scratches and dirty decks
  • Of course it's all up to you, but sunburn AND windburn can be very debilitating and we prefer not to have to treat you for First Aid. Basically it's the old cover up routine so bring:
    • a wide rimmed hat
    • your own sunscreen (we use SPF +50 ) and lip balm
    • sunglasses, preferably with UV protection
  • Own 'personal' certificates or licenses e.g. Diving License / Logbook
  • Your Passport (of course)
  • Since the boat is an Australian Registered Vessel sailing outside of Australia, all crew members (including locals) will require identification (local ID or International Passport) as the boat moves from port to port
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What should I leave at home?

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  • Try not to bring hard sided luggage of any type
  • As you can imagine, storage space on a boat is a premium. We have a lot, but it's reserved for what we need to sail or live on board.
  • Preferably use bags that can collapse or squash when empty. Duffle bags, boat gear bags, even simple cheap canvas bags are all good and rucksacks (backpacks) are OK as long as the frame is not cumbersome
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What we provide on board?

  • Bedding linen (sheets and pillow cases)
  • Bath towels / swimming towels
  • Shampoo and soap, toilet paper
  • Cooking gas, diesel etc
  • All safety gear (click here)
  • We have a range of sailing gear we can lend if needed (no promises for colour, style or fit :)
  • We always have spare hats and sunscreen, but … we prefer you bring your own please, especially sun screen (recommend SPF 50+)
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At your expense …

  • Obviously, your own transport costs to get to us wherever we are (flights, ferry etc). We try our hardest to come to the place we’ve agreed to … but if we cannot get there on time you may have some extra costs
  • While on board with us, if our itinerary takes us to a marina, then we ask you to take a share of any marina costs (e.g. $60 / 4 people = $15 each). Marina costs vary from place, type of facility and time of year. This could range anywhere from $20 per night 'off season' in a small backwater to $200 per night on the Italian coast in August.
  • Of course, we anchor in some beautiful and interesting places … no marina costs at anchor ...
  • We don’t expect you to pay for diesel or cooking gas. We use the boat for our own enjoyment and at our own cost. You are there as our guest. However, if we need to press on at crack neck speed with the engine, only so you can catch a plane then could offer to pay for the diesel.

If you’re passing through Duty Free …

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The skipper really likes Single Malts and what girl doesn’t appreciate a wee bit of bubbly or the odd G&T.

I’m always happy to reimburse you the cost of a bottle of Laphroag or Bowmore … so if you have time please bring me one and I’ll pay you.
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Sorry, just three but strict.

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  • Ours is a non smoking boat, sorry (no we’re not). This includes all areas on board including the cockpit or on the deck of the boat.
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  • No peeing over the side. Gentlemen (and ladies?) - even in good weather, even at anchor on a calm night … It’s a safety issue.
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  • No toilet roll can be flushed in the toilet (or hygiene products) which has an internal holding tank onboard. In fact nothing except human waste in there please.

Ted’s story (you’ll see this pinned to the loo door for your reading later)

Ted is a friend of ours. He sails a beautiful Sense 50 called ‘Boxter’ … This is one of his Sailblogs last year. Funny thing, no matter how experienced people are they always get uneasy when I start on the ‘don’t put paper in the loo’ routine … as much as to say “Who me?” … read on ….
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Captain reaches new lows...
aka...the beauty of luxury cruising
in the Med!
- Open Letter to the Dearest Crew - that abandoned mother ship a week ago...
I was procrastinating but I knew.....this beautiful moment was coming my way. My stunning wife is about to come on board and I knew it would have broken her heart, if she thought that I was neglecting Boxter...
So off I went - first I have taken big breath, had a good look around....then I dived into the gutter, to have deeper understanding what is really there ... And after I had a good look into it, you would clearly see what I found! Not only a a bucketful of toilet paper but ... looking up close ... a good yard of tooth floss ...
It taken me good couple of hours to untangle this stupid floss from the pump's rotor. Yes it rotated about 70,000 times since my crew members tried to burn this pump, hoping that the "stuff" will eventually flow... After that discovery, I had a really good talk to one of the crew members. We had a really, really good chat. I even called him about two dozens names his Mum and Dad wouldn't ever come up with ... what a shame he wasn't here!
So the crew member who just liked too much paper, seems to be an Angel - comparably with the floss Einstein - who thought that toilet is the very private space and no one will ever know ... If this crew member is still in possession of his manhood today and willing to put his hand up - I will give you very useful advise for your courage - which may save your life. Whatever you have planned yourself for tomorrow - cancel! Go first in the morning to the nearest dentist - and order whole brand new set of teeth for yourself. I know you can afford it....and what a life it could be without a floss!!! Once you have done that, you should go to the Harvard University and apply for the Dean's position - in the College of Science of Common Sense. I will gladly support your application, with all the evidence on hand!
And lastly, next time when I lecture everyone on board and everyone thinks it's obvious and boring - think about it. It could be for you exactly that - but don't roll your eyes - you may be standing next to the floss Einstein....and he may need all the help he can get!!!! But don't worry, don't thank me at all - as the song goes: "......that's what the friends are for...."
Love you all.... Yours,