Safety - number one priority

  • Equipment
  • Briefing
  • Cheat Sheet
  • Welcome Aboard
Tab 1

The following safety equipment is well maintained on board

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Liferaft - 6 Man fully serviced
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Emergency Grab Bag located next to Liferaft with extra safety gear
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Full range of flares
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Standard Lifebouy attached to strobe light (self starting)
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Emergency sling for overboard retrieval
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Throwable lifebuoy for accuracy. Self inflates on water
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Headlamps with red and dimple white lights
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First Aid kits (Offshore plus spares)
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Radio with MOB tracking and automated distress messaging
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Radar to assist in difficult conditions
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Chart Plotter with man overboard MOB tracking feature
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AIS transmitter and receiver
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EPIRB - Emergency distress beacon
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PLB x 4 - Personal EPIRBS for wearing
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Australian Registered vessel with unique MMSI
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Iridium GO! connection for weather forecast
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Paper charts of all areas sailed
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Davis plastic sextant for navigation
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Self inflating Life Jackets
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Jack Lines used to clip on safely while on deck
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Safety Harnesses
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Binnacle compasses mounted on each wheel
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Stern ladder built into transom to aid boarding
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Radar reflectors assists ships radar by amplifying return signal
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Sea Anchor for heavy weather
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located in strategic places
Tab 2

Don’t worry, when you arrive it’s the first thing we do

Upon arrival for the first time on board you will receive a safety briefing
On the first day to sea with us you will participate in man overboard practice (all crew including seasoned sailors)
All crew will be briefed on how to use the radio in case of emergency
All crew will be briefed on how to start the engine and how to drop sails quickly
There will, at all times, be a watch on deck.
24 hours a day someone must be on deck to tend to the boat, check the course and weather and most importantly watch out for collision at sea.
And more …
Tab 3
This card is left with our visitors as a reminder of the safety briefing they are given upon arrival …
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Tab 4
This is the front page from a booklet that’s left in the guest bedroom - just a like a hotel …

Welcome Aboard
Important Information for Visitors

The following information is provided for guests onboard our sailing yacht ‘Gumnuts’ to help you enjoy your stay and most importantly as a reminder of important SAFETY information that was provided when you arrived.

If there is something else you would like to know more about, how to sail or how to navigate, or anything at all, just ask. Shiree and I can manage the boat entirely on our own, so you are welcome to sit back and relax or to be fully active and engaged in learning new skills, it’s entirely up to you.

We welcome you onboard and are sure you will leave full of memories as well as enrich our own cruising experience along the way, sharing with friends.