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An Océanis for Cruising

A description of how we’ve set the boat up. From day one we’ve been thinking a) long term and b) cruising not racing. You’ll see this reflected in our options and the speed that we’ve made the changes.
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We have the standard Beneteau supplied Mainsail and Jib.
- In mast furling Mainsail with loose foot and no buttons
- Furling jib
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Need I say more?
This awesome sail was made by
Paolo Favaro of
Tel: +90 (0)421-211256 Fax +90 (0)421-218980
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Our storm jib was also made by Paolo at Baraonda Sailmakers. Up till the 2016 season it was secured (if needed) to a secure factory fitted fixed point on deck. It has a Dyneema bolt rope sewn in and runs up to a purpose fitted strong tang up the mast. Now that the new inner forestay has been installed, we’ll need our friendly sailmaker to find another way to attach this heavy weather sail.
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Over the 2015/6 winter I had the rigging upgraded to include an inner forestay, a furling inner foresail and new tracks and blocks to better manage both headsails. The rigging was done by Meltemi Yachting, based in Athens and the sail was made by our friend Paolo at Baraonda Sailmakers, Caorle, Italy.
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  • Yanmar
  • Sail Drive
  • Bow Thruster
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  • Genset
  • Solar
  • Batteries
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4 x Flexible Saolar Panels

We’ve fitted 4 flexible solar panels to the bimini. Technical specs for each one is shown below and each has it’s own regulator connecting to the 4 domestic batteries. For more information about the fitting, see the ‘Mods’ section.
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Even although we bought a brand new boat and had many options factory fitted, we knew from day one that we wanted to go quickly to personalise our boat even further. In particular we wanted our boat to be ready for cruising now as well as the planning ahead for longer passages rather than wait to do it later.

Summary of changes (Click a red dot for detailed info)

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